Why do I do this? I spend a lot of time writing (often angry) words on a tiny corner of the internet, and it seems kinda silly now I think about it. But I read a lot of books. I like talking about the books I read. I like telling people about good books, and warning them about bad ones, and I like getting their opinions back. But mostly, I like engaging critically with what I read, thinking about what it is and why it is and how it fits into everything else. And nothing seems to do that better than sitting down and trying to cram into 1000-2000 words exactly what I think about everything I read. Sure, it’s not always successful, and sometimes I end up changing my mind half way through writing, but having a permanent record of my thoughts, and a framework for articulating them is something I’ve found really helpful.

I will admit to sometimes being quite… emphatic in my views. I may be prone to hyperbole and grump. So I really hope that, if you disagree with me, you’ll tell me. Because the only thing better for engaging critically with literature than writing about it is arguing about it. Don’t be nice, be honest. Tell me I’m wrong, if you think I am. Just… expect that maybe I’ll do the same back, with no rancour or malice. I like having opinions, and I have found a good thing to have a lot of opinions about.

The current reading To Do List runs thus (in no particular order):

Annihilation – Jeff Vandermeer
The Bear and the Nightingale – Katherine Arden
The Vorrh – Brian Catling
House of Names – Colm Toibin
Elric of Melnibone – Michael Moorcock
Le Morte D’Arthur – Mallory
Pattern – K J Parker
The Wine Dark Sea – Robert Aickman
Extracted – R R Haywood
The Silmarillion – J R R Tolkien
Children of Time – Adrian Tchaikovsky
Mothstorm – Philip Reeve
By Light Alone – Adam Roberts
Game Night – Jonny Nexus
The Reality Dysfunction – Peter F. Hamilton (THIS WILL HAPPEN GOD DAMNIT IT WILL)
Accelerando – Charles Stross
The Ladies of Grace Adieu – Susanna Clarke
The Gone Away World – Nick Harkaway
The End Specialist – Drew Magary
The Last Dragonslayer – Jasper Fforde
King of Thorns – Mark Lawrence
Veiled – Benedict Jacka

More may be added in between if they take my fancy.

Edit: God I need some SF on here. When left to my own devices I clearly just revert back to fantasy.


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