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The New Watch – Sergei Lukyanenko

I think this one has a different translator than the previous novels in the series, but I can’t find out and it’s really bugging me. The writing felt different, but also didn’t, and “new translator” is the only explanation I … Continue reading

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Dream London – Tony Ballantyne

I went into Waterstones the other day (because god damnit now I’m earning money I’m going to buy books in actual bookshops, rather than avoiding them like dens of temptation) and made three purchases. One was the most recent book … Continue reading

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The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman

I have no higher praise for this than that it is a perfect little slice of memory and story. There’s something neatly complete about it, like a single memory being shared, even though it’s not real. It’s like… I don’t … Continue reading

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