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Spoonbenders – Daryl Gregory

And back to the Nebulas. I wasn’t super enthralled by the premise of this one either, I have to say. It just didn’t really grab me… and partly because it felt so fundamentally and unassailably American. I probably wouldn’t Get … Continue reading

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In the Labyrinth of Drakes – Marie Brennan

I needed some comfort reading after that last… whatever it was. So obviously – VICTORIAN FEMINIST DRAGON SCIENCE! It was the only solution. And to be quite honest, the science is better anyway. This series just continues to make me … Continue reading

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Autonomous – Annalee Newitz

And so, the Nebulas begin! Shame the first one I read was terrible. I mean, I was kind of expecting it? I decided to start with the ones I didn’t expect to be keen on this year (to avoid last year’s … Continue reading

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Injection Volume 2 – Ellis, Bellaire, Shalvey

It did not take me long to get to the second volume (mainly because it did not take Boyfriend long and yay, free access to books). But also… I did really enjoy volume 1, so obviously I was keen to … Continue reading

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Lustrum – Robert Harris

In niche jokes*… But anyway, Lustrum is the continuation of the story from Robert Harris’ Imperium, and shockingly enough, given it’s a story about Cicero, I still love it. There’s not a huge amount I have to say that I haven’t really covered, … Continue reading

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