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Veiled – Benedict Jacka

The Alex Verus series continues, because the world needs more urban fantasy London. This is book… seven? I don’t even actually know anymore (ok, I checked, it’s the sixth book, but there are two more I haven’t read, I think). … Continue reading

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Neuromancer – William Gibson

First off – I hate this book. I properly do not like it at all. If you don’t want to read an entire post of my grouching with no positives whatsoever, you have been warned. Because I am struggling to … Continue reading

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Use of Weapons – Iain M. Banks

It’s never good for my discussion of a book when I take too long to read it. I don’t read slowly, as a rule, and I’m scatterbrained enough that, by the end of a week, I may be a bit … Continue reading

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