City’s Son Addendum

Further to my post on The City’s Son, someone kindly informed me that the sequel is in fact all about the character I claimed I’d love to read an entire book about. Hurrah. That said, I’m having some difficulty deciding whether or not I want to read it. It’s all very well it being about the only good character in the book, but I’m not sure even that is enough to recommend me continuing to give time and money to the series. I am told that people say the second book is vastly better than the first… but that puts me two levels removed from the advice, so…

Part of me thinks I should give it a try, and give it a chance to be good. But the poorer, choosier part of me rather thinks it’s not worth the bother, and there are other books I could spend that £5 on (for the Kindle edition, because I am in no way paying for the hardback of that) and with a much more certain return on my investment. Hmmm. Choices choices.


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A student of a redundant, useless and thoroughly interesting subject and reader of many books, particularly fantasy, science fiction and plenty else besides.
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