Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse – Rick Riordan

Uh… so, I procrastinated some more, and read another book.

This one… it was interesting. I’ve already reviewed the second Percy Jackson book, and I said then, basically, that it was utterly awful, but it had some excellent bits that made up for it. The next book… it is simultaneously better and worse. There are none of the whopping errors that characterised Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters… but nor are there any of the moments of hilarity or wondrousness that made it worth reading. It has gone from “so bad it’s good” to “meh”. It also took me very little time to read (as you can tell from the post not so long after my last… and I didn’t start reading immediately after the last book), which goes some of the way towards showing the book’s redeeming feature: it is very light reading. It’s untaxing. Amusing. Gentle, escapist reading. Just what I needed. It’s also, because I am easily pleased, still made worthwhile by the presence of Greek mythology. And, if anything, the protagonist has grown up and stopped being such a whiny child, which is incredibly pleasing.

However, nothing can detract from the terrible lack of quality. It is not a good book, by any stretch of the imagination. It is an awful book, with awful writing, awful characters, a dreadful plot and not worth anyone’s time. And it was precisely the book I wanted right now. But don’t ever read it.


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