A WARNING – The Builder (The Young Ancients) – P. S. Power

I haven’t finished this book. I normally wouldn’t post anything about a book I haven’t fully read, but a warning needs to be made. The unsuspecting must be informed: do not read this book. It may be free, but it isn’t worth it.

I admit, that all sounds harsh, but I promise that it is also true. I’m sure that in the 30% I read I could see a good story. But the writing style was so hideous, so utterly repugnant and horrendous, that I couldn’t bear to go on. The main character is clearly meant to be somewhere on the autism spectrum, and the writing style feels like a terrible attempt by someone who is not on that spectrum to write as if he or she were. It is painful. And since the flow is very much stream-of-consciousness, the effect is vastly magnified to the point of repulsion. Add to this the fact that none of the characters are well-written (so far as I’ve read), the whole idea of some issues is baffling and the attempted explanations more so, and I see no good reason why you should want to expend the effort of downloading this book. It is not worth that few moments of your life.

I say again, do not read this. It is not worth it.


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6 Responses to A WARNING – The Builder (The Young Ancients) – P. S. Power

  1. A Reader says:

    I agree that the first book was annoying. But due to that glimmer of hope I pushed through. The reason for the ‘austic main’ is actually explained further along the line of the series. The writing style also picks up as you go along, either that or you become so engaged in the story it doesn’t worry you anymore. The series is getting better as it goes, worth a read.

  2. I read the next book because, even though this one is so full of language errors, I thought the premise was fresh and had promise. I was hugely disappointed with the second one, which appeared to be a first unedited draft by someone who’s completely dyslexic.

    There are plenty of reviewers on Amazon saying that the story gets worse as it goes and just becomes juvenile sex-and-power fantasies. I suppose it depends on your taste, because somehow or other the author is in the top 50 in Kindle fantasy fiction.

  3. Bob says:

    Not a big fan of his works either. There are a lot of writing errors, and he tends to ruin a series when he gets bored with it by power tripping like a mad man. However, at least he finishes his book series. And he does write about a book a month. Not something you’ve forgotten five years ago, once a month. I’ve been warned that winter is coming for over 17 years.

  4. Glenn West says:

    actually im at book 16, one of the better series. I think ps power is super creative.
    First book is from a backwoods child. PS Powers focuses on looking at alternative social systems, and interesting settings.

  5. Tracy says:

    The first books I read by the author were ‘The Infected’ series. I found them to be incredibly insightful, set in a relatively contemporary version of earth dealing with a minority of earth’s population who have become ‘infected’ gaining some kind of unusual ability but also with a downside of an overriding emotional problem (in the books it’s called a ‘prime mode’) Eg: Greed; imagine how difficult it would be to live every minute of every day ruled by greed. Always wanting more with no respite or relief if you actually got the thing you felt greedy about? The main character there is Brian Yi code named Proxy (he has a code name because he gets pulled in to work for an alphabet agency) his special power is the ability to teleport to trade places with someone who is about to die, his ‘prime mode’ is self sacrifice. There’s a lot more to the main character that comes in later books but ‘spoilers’.

    In the series The Young Ancients main character is Tor Baker (short for Torrance) isn’t intended to mock autism or those that live with it, far from it. Instead the main character has incredibly low self esteem, is self effacing and constantly strives to help everyone around him even to his own detriment. It’s set ‘n’ thousands of years after the near destruction of earth under the guiding hands of the Ancients (genetically modified humans who’ve lived c.3 yrs) approx 1 ancient per continent. Each continent lives under a different ethos, magic, technology, religion etc. As one other comment noted the author focuses on different societies and how they function

    I haven’t as yet read everything by this author however from what I’ve seen each story arc is set in a different reality. In the later ‘Infected’ novels characters are introduced from the other works written by P S Power in a similar vein to the concept of ‘The Long Earth’ (by T. Pratchett & S. Baxter) so essentially a multiverse, different versions of earth with different versions of the same person, the closer each reality is the closer each version of the individual is. Not all of the author’s work is included in the linking multiverse plot. Although Tor inY.A. is essentially Proxy in Infected. Sex is included in both series but it’s not overdone and not exactly graphic but it does deal with serious issues including abuse, consent and same sex relationships they also cover religion, faith and race.

    As for grammatical errors they’re only going to be fixed if people actually inform the author/ publisher. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both of the series I’ve read so far all, of the books covering the ‘Infected’ upto the second offshoot in that series the Mirror Man and book 6 of The Y.A. All of which i fond to be so much more entertaining than Game of Thrones (GRR Martin), sadly I lost interest after the vast majority of interesting characters were killed off.

    • readerofelse says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the author’s work, but it remains emphatically not for me – I found it impenetrably poorly written, and no amount of promised story was going to pull me through that.

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