A Gift of Thought – Sarah Wynde

So I gave up on Braided Path for the moment. Partially because MEH but partially because the book is rather hefty to be carrying about with me to read. Instead, more free eBooks from Amazon. And they continue to be more than worth their cost.

This one is a fairly short ghost story… ish. I mean, it is about ghosts. But it’s not a ghost story per se. It’s more an action story with incidental ghosts. Mostly what it has is pleasant writing, well-developed characters and a romantic sub-plot that doesn’t make me want to hit things. Which is unusual. It even has an attempt at explaining ghosts through Physics. Or, I am told, “an attempt at explaining Physics through ghosts”. The local physicist tells me it rates only 3 on the academic pain scale (1 being “that’s actually pretty ok” and 10 being “oh god whyyyyy? Why would they think that even makes sense?”). Spoilers (that don’t really relate to the plot at all): dark matter is ghosts… which amuses me greatly.

That said, it was a short book and I don’t actually have all that much to say about it. I enjoyed it and struggled to put it down, but it’s not stellar. It’s free, so worth it, but not really worth going out of your way to find.

Short and pointless post is unhelpful and uninformative…

(Also fun, I can’t decide what genre it is… it doesn’t feel like fantasy, but nor does it really count as SF. Hmmm.)


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A student of a redundant, useless and thoroughly interesting subject and reader of many books, particularly fantasy, science fiction and plenty else besides.
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One Response to A Gift of Thought – Sarah Wynde

  1. Sarah Wynde says:

    Ha, I’m both delighted and shocked that your local physicist went for a 3. I would have thought more like a 7 or 8 — not quite insanely stupid, but at least worth an eye-roll for ridiculous. In the first book (A Gift of Ghosts), I tied orgasms to resonant frequencies and . . . yeah, no. Just no. A real scientist would cringe, I think, but I was an English major. Still, a physicist might approve of Akira’s explanation of why physicists are better at sex than chemists — pheromones are all well and good, but friction and oscillation are more fun. :)

    Definitely not SF, though. Do you know the television show Eureka? It’s Eureka-science, at best.

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