The Tedious Business of Introductions


This blog is about books. And about my opinions about books. Inasmuch as anyone can be qualified to give an opinion, mine is based on a good few years of reading SFF and discussing it with other people interested in the matter (both casually and in an SFF university society). While, of course, I think I’m right when I say something, that doesn’t mean you have to agree. A lot of people don’t (especially about my taste in music, but that’s by the by), and that’s fine. Discussions are good and happy things. I’m quite happy to be persuaded out of a view if the right argument presents itself.

Obviously, this being about books means there will be spoilers all over the shop. I shall try to limit myself to things people wouldn’t mind being told about a book they intend to read, but if I find it absolutely necessary to put plot sensitive information in a post, I shall put a warning.

And me, I suppose. I’m currently 22, and a university student about to graduate. I read an awful lot in my spare time (such as I have) and watch SFF films and tv shows, which may impinge on my posts from time to time. I tend to prefer odder fantasy, but will occasionally dabble in the more traditional sort if the fancy takes me, and I am a big fan of old school science fiction, as well as the more modern stuff.

That should be all for the time being.

– RoE


About readerofelse

A student of a redundant, useless and thoroughly interesting subject and reader of many books, particularly fantasy, science fiction and plenty else besides.
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